Welcome to our new website!

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Welcome to Home Cinema Design’s first blog post which can be about no other than the creation and launch of this brand new website!

You may or may not have come across our previous (DIY) website which was set up 3 years ago by Josh. It was set up alongside a Facebook Page and at the same time as undertaking various other business requirements. In all honesty, the website has had little attention since and this was probably becoming obvious. In fact, a couple of customers have recently commented that their installs far surpassed the quality and feel of the website. This is when we knew it was time for a change!

As a one man business for a long time, there simply wasn’t enough time in the day for the media and marketing. The customer communication, quoting and of course completion of AV installs had to come first. When time is so limited it’s a challenge to know how to prioritise.

It’s a bit… ‘the chicken or the egg?’

Quality installations and exceeding customers’ expectations has always come first but without the time to properly showcase and share our work we have had to rely mainly on word of mouth and recommendations. Thankfully, this method has been working well for the business but we will never know if there have been potential customers that clicked on the old website and proceeded to not look much further. They say people form their first impressions in 7 seconds!

In 2020, Home Cinema Design became more than a one-man business with the employment of AV engineer Nathan. A second pair of qualified hands on jobs has been pivotal for time efficiency ensuring that customers have less time to wait for their installs to begin and of course for job completion. Josh’s wife-to-be, Charlotte took over operations and is able to communicate with customers and businesses and take on many of the operational tasks. Finally, his older sister, Kelly become responsible for social media and marketing. It is I, Kelly, writing this blog and with all the AV knowledge gained from Josh and other sources I will be bringing frequent blogs to the website and all of our completed installations to social media. The family links within the business bring an extra determination and desire for success, which always begins with happy customers. Exceeding customer expectations is an objective that the whole team share.

We are all excited to be able to use this website and our social media to share our services and installations with you. In addition to that and arguably even more important, we want to share knowledge, AV news and always equip people with all the information needed to make the best decisions for you and your home.